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Sunday, 11 January 2009

My favourite places

Here are some of my favourite spots to chill out...

Up on top of the roof

On gran's rocking chair

Curling up on the Turkish prayer mat

Just love any new boxes, even if it is too small for me

Soaking up the sun in the garden

Up in the jacaranda tree

What are some of yours?


Cory said...

Those are awesome places! You look beautiful on the roof top!

MaoMao said...

Those are all wunnerful places to hang out! You look like such a happy, purretty gurl. Some of my favrit places to hang out is in boxies, on Momma and Daddy's bed, in my tent, on the fleece shirt Momma gaved us, and onna beans lappies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

meemsnyc said...

Those are great spots indeed!!

Lux said...

You have really cool places to chill out ...

I like my carrying case or being on the scoop at the top of the cat tree.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you has a lot of places to hang.. you is so lucky! :)
I think I like the outside one best best acuse I is not allowed out without my lead :(


Lux said...

Yep, my carrying case is my safe place! :)

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Excellent places to chill out. Does snoozing in front of the fire constitute chilling?

The Cat Realm said...

You are so pretty Momo!!!
We have a jacaranda tree too! And the butler has built us a platform in it!
We also biggified the rocking chair picture because we love your eyes in that one!

ML said...

Those are some really neat places... especially tha roof.

Leslie said...

Have we told you lately how beautiful we think you are?

Oh - too funny, Giancarlo doing the quiz!! Oh so funny. :)

He got almost all of them right in the end.

Everycat said...

What excellent places Momo, and you look beautiful in all of them. That Jacaranda tree looks as if nature designed it especially for cats to lounge and sharpen their claws on!

Whicky Wuudler

Furkidsmom said...

Effurycat needs a few special places to call their own!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are all good chilling places. The tree and the roof look like fun.We like to sleep under the Azaleas in the summer because the Beans can't see us under them.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

So many nice places! We have our cat trees and all of Momma's furniture. We like boxes, too!
~ Anna Sue

Daisy said...

Momo, you got a lot of good spots! Going up on the roof looks very fun. You must be a good climber!

Margaret Cloud said...

Now those are some awesome places and they look so safe, my favorite MoMo is you in the box, my cat liked to try and fit in any size box also. Thank you for coming by.

The Island Cats said...

We like all those spots...'cept the roof...we've never been there before...and that high up is kinda scary to us...

Tesla and Hansel said...

goodbye! we will miss you momo!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

I tinks dats you are furry ad-venturess... justee likes your momee. Mebbe she in-hairyted it frum you. By da way.. I do nots tink I haz evfur seen a ja... uh a ja... well, you know, dat tree ting!

Derby said...

When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me
Let me tell you now

When I come home feelin' tired and beat
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet (up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd
And all that rat-race noise down in the street (up on the roof)
On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let's go up on the roof (up on the roof)

At night the stars put on a show for free
And, darling, you can share it all with me

I keep a-tellin' you

Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (up on the roof)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Up on the roof (up on the roof)
Up on the roo-oo-oof (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, baby (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, honey (up on the roof)

Everything is all right (up on the roof)

Sweet Praline said...

Great spots! I like to relax in front of the heat/AC vents, on the sofa beside my mom, on the toilet seat, the middle of the floor, but never on my mom's lap. What is wrong with me?

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow Momo, yoo haf some great places to hang out and alax...we usually go fur da bed, couch or one of da office chairs.

Fin said...

You look so perfect in all your spots, I love my sink.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

I would love to be up on the roof with you!! What a look out!!!

Purrs Goldie

-d ma said...

i understand all our favorite places except for the boxes. What is the deal with that?

Diamond said...

I like all of these places. I am not allowed to go up so high outdoors, although I have been crawling around the tops of my grapevines some time ago now.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

oooo those are great places! i'll bet you see everything from that roof. seen any introoders lately?

Cat with a garden said...

My roof is far too high, but, naturally I love trees, too. I also like a stone wall to sit on. You have a pawsome cat life there, Momo! You look really happy in your pictures.
Purrs, Siena

P.S.: You haven't mentioned anything lately, but are you okay? I mean feeling frisky and efurrything?

Alasandra said...

Those are pawsome places to hang out. Scylla likes to sit on the roof of the jungle gym, Socks likes to sit on the grill and I Charybdis like to run around, I guess sitting on the back of the couch isn't so bad if you are to tired to play. ~S,S & C